Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012

Black Me Out - I wanna piss on the walls of your house

[this is a comment on SOPA/PROTECT IP. Please get yourself informed if you don’t know what I am talking about]

If I didn't see it, I would not believe how many people joined the Blackout-Day. Many sites were down. I hope that the protests have a lasting effect.

Well, but there are still walls to piss on. Introducing: MPAA.

I really don’t know what that guy does when he is not writing shitty statements about things he probably doesn't understand.(this one)

Either he thinks we all are completely dumb as shit, or he really didn't get that we can't just sit together and talk about all that SOPA stuff again. There is no way of keeping us free and maximizing their profit at the same time. I think he missed the whole point of democracy (which he made pretty obvious with his statement about Hollywood withdrawing support when the law doesn’t pass)

Using Wikipedia is not a human right, but protesting and freedom of speech are. When they want to shut down their own site a day, then they can. They never guaranteed that they wont. So what?

Is it really possible to deny still that every single SOPA-alike law would shut down Wikipedia, Google, Reddit and Wordpress (and of course blogger too) once and for all?

My moniker is man
and I am rotten to the core

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

Give all the idiots a brand new religion

So...another thing I got a problem with. It’s this esotericism wave. It’s partly complete bullshit. Well there is a lot of bullshit and it would be really funny, but selling this particular kind of bullshit is a big deal and dangerous.

I first became aware of how serious this topic is as some kind of “healer” sold chlorine bleach for medicine to my mum. And it was expensive, too. I am talking about the “miracle mineral solution” [MMS]. The world miracle makes it very trustworthy, right? The guy who had this glorious idea is only known under a false name. Yeah...of course because he is haunted by the drug industry[which I don’t like very much either but that’s another topic]. You can find a lot of videos of him talking about something that sounds like chemistry, while it is either irrelevant or nonsense. The efficiency of MMS was tested in a very scientific study at a third-world hospital in the jungle or something like that. And the best thing about it is that it helps not only against any kind of unexplainable disease, but also against aids, cancer, malaria...well, basically against everything. And there are people who really used this stuff. Frustration and being done conventional medicine makes it possible.
By the way: the point of that story is that I was for internship in the R&D section of an detergent producer, a few weeks after that guy sold bleach to my mum. Well, I asked one of workers how reactive chlorine bleach is and if they use it. He told me that they have to use other bleach. Chlorine bleach would kill the other active substances. That sounds a little bit unhealthy, huh?

Making up new esoteric shit is kind of interesting. Example: quantum healing.
Quantum healing claims to rely on the latest findings from quantum physics. Well...since I am some kind of maniac, I deal with a very little bit of quantum physics for fun. What I know is very superficial. You have to study physics for some years if you really want to deeply understand it. But I think I know enough to explain why quantum healing is an expensive joke.
The idea behind quantum healing is the claim an thoughts can change reality. So it’s about thinking yourself healthy.
Now this is to be proven with quantum physics. There is the so called double slit experiment. It is a bit difficult to explain but I try it anyway. First you take a sheet with two tiny parallel slits in it. Now you shoot something against that plate and check what you find at the wall behind it. If you take for example sand you’ll find two lines of sand at the wall. If you take light you’ll find an interference pattern(since light is an electromagnetic wave). Now the point is: if you use very little parts of matter (e.g. electrons) you’ll find and interference pattern again. If you now try to check which of the slits each quantum uses you will again find two lines at the wall. That’s strange. So quantums sometimes are like little parts of matter an sometimes they are like some kind of wave. The result is influenced by what we try to measure in some unexplainable way*.  

Back to quantum healing they conclude that our awareness of something changes the thing itself. So it should be possible to change something by changing the way we’re looking at it. Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
There is one big problem with the idea in general: it works only for quantums. It has absolutely no relevance for macroscopic systems. Sand doesn’t behave like a wave just because you turn of the light (in order not to know which slit it uses).
What does that mean for quantum healing? Either people accidently misunderstood quantum physics or it’s deceit. Considering the amount of money which is in this the last option seems to be way more likely. It’s a great business model: take something very complicated that is true, misinterpret it and sell your “results”. You can’t expect normal people to know anything about quantum physics. That means that most people can’t exactly explain what’s wrong with your new pseudo-scientific surrogate religion, even though they think that it’s bullshit. What a luck to be a freak.

So what? Please: Be careful with esotericism. Don’t drink what makes your dish detergent die. Don’t pay big amounts of money for something that sounds like it can’t be true. And most important(to borrow sageness from an old friend): have courage to use your own reason!

My moniker is man
and I’m rotten to the core

*actually I don’t know if this can be explained. But I don’t consider the possible explanation to be at my level.