Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

"The Unraveling" Cover

Lately, AnotherKid told me that there is some mysterious text in the letters in the album cover of “the Unraveling” (by Rise Against). So I asked myself what kind of text it is and what it is about. Finally, I am pretty sure to have figured it out. The text consists of parts of two lyrics from the album. (Alive and Well; 401 Kill) is the text. I found it pretty interesting. It makes somehow sense to me.

As I watch your life go up in flames You'll swear up and down you'd like to change

But when the sun sinks slowly into the sky Now you're right where you started again.

What's another day? I can feel these changes right before my eyes. I see a dying fire 

inside your eyes. Inside your eyes! When will you stop and realize the worth and value of your life?

As you suffocate yourself within this mindless nine to five. Wake up! There's more! [And your life is nobody's but yours]

Now's the time to rearrange your life. Live for something outside of your own mind. We all dream 

the same dream every night to burn the world that you call civilized. Alive and Well! I live to be alive. 

I live to always strive for something more. Alive and Well! I'll never understand the who, what, why or when 

of you tonight. We face the stares of judgment and almost everyday the shaking heads of disapproval say, 

"pray for you to give me something then find out that there was nothing left." recite the words inside (your heart)

My moniker is man
and I am rotten to the core

You‘re the new Revolution

What the hell is wrong with my country? I always thought people are too peaceful to start a riot when something is wrong. I thought they don’t protest because there always is some damage done.
I supposed that also to be the reason for putting right-wing extremists on a level with left-wing extremists. I was so damn wrong. There are shitloads of people who don’t see a problem with fighting for the things they believe in. The only problem is that they are a bunch of dumbfucks.

Someone started raiding football fan-busses last summer. It wasn’t even near to a stadium. But hey...there are fans of the enemy-football-club in that bus. Let’s go and kick their asses. I know that violence because of sports isn't new at all. That’s shame enough. But you can’t even debate about losing control when you are part of a big mass and so on and so forth, in this case. They attacked it on a shitty highway rest area and chased the bus afterwards.

Well, there are things people in my country protest against. There was something about protest in the newspapers lately.

No, wasn’t about not human rights violations. Only starry-eyed idealists do that. Nor it was about banks, either. Okay. There were protests, but they hardly had any effect. You got one guess left. War? Are you kidding me? No one has been caring about war since we call it “military invention”.

It was about the ban on alcohol in the local public transport. Strictly speaking, they only extended the ban from busses and the underground to the urban trains. That’s a reason to be angry, isn’t it? The 2000 “protesters” got royally drunk, an started a riot in the urban railway. And they learned something from the Arabian Spring. Facebook was used for organisation. In the end about fifty trains were harmed. Material damage: about 100000 €. People would be furious, if some antifascist movement did this for some kind of understandable reason. Am I really the only one who is fucking pissed about that kind of things? And why is there less discussion when brainless morons are rioting?

Argh! Every time when I think about trusting in the humankind something like this happens....

My moniker is man
and I am rotten to the core

Freitag, 28. Oktober 2011

Do you remember when you were young and you wanted to set the world on fire?

First of all: I really like discussions. Not arguments but discussions. People who have different opinions are totally okay with me. I see discussing sometimes as some kind of sport. Testing yourself and your views on a certain topic. And there are really interesting discussions, too. But when it comes to discussions in school, there is one thing that’s annoying me. It’s conservative teenagers. I’m not talking about that neo-con, no-sex-before-marriage, catholic, sexist and fanatical islamophobic kind of conservatives. They never show their believes in school. What really pisses me off is people who are conservative, just because. And because of a total lack of ideals. I am sure you know one of those guys, too. People who declare every ideal as unrealistic. They will never successfully defend their opinion, because they got none. The basis of their believe is that conservative is the only way, without any alternative. Everything else is communism, socialism or whatever. Everything ecological destroys jobs [which is the killer argument from hell]. A famous former Chancellor of Germany (Helmut Schmidt) once said “People who have visions should go to see their doctor”. That’s pretty much the attitude that irritates me. Well, I think it’s normal that some people think like this, but usually they are older. I can understand that someone loses his ideals. But never having had some? Seriously?

I’m not so sure if you really can tell, but there are those guys, I simply can’t imagine them having own thoughts. More like the ones of their parents. But how can you overtake these opinions without questioning them? I mean..seriously... you’re not even supposed to! And it seems kind of pointless to me anyway. No sense of independence and rebellion? I’m not talking about throwing bricks and so on. But, if you are young and don’t want to change anything, who is in charge of progress? And what about changing the world? Nobody would say that it is anything near to ‘good’, but why are there people who accept this? Why are there people who don’t think of change? Just imagine that these people are the future. That seems to be kind of scary, to me.

It’s like I said. I’m totally not getting it. Without ideals there is nothing to fight for except for property. I can’t imagine that this is something to be proud of. It’s nothing you can’t honestly want to be the aim in your life.

Since our social system is based on pure egoism, you got to be an egoist to be successful. Real ideals are not very helpful. So it’s the people without ideals who are more likely to achieve whatever they want. And tomorrow people who were in the sweatbath when the revolution came, will rule nations.

My moniker is man
and I'm rotten to the core

Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

Hello World

There is someone who convinced me to write things down and now start doing it. 
So this is the place I will put out some text every now and then.  For now. Till bigger things are working.

My moniker is man
and I'm rotten to the core

Little comment: you'll find a lot of quotes in here. I don't mark them. If you're intrested, it will be easy to figure out where they are from. Enjoy the musik you'll find.