Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

You‘re the new Revolution

What the hell is wrong with my country? I always thought people are too peaceful to start a riot when something is wrong. I thought they don’t protest because there always is some damage done.
I supposed that also to be the reason for putting right-wing extremists on a level with left-wing extremists. I was so damn wrong. There are shitloads of people who don’t see a problem with fighting for the things they believe in. The only problem is that they are a bunch of dumbfucks.

Someone started raiding football fan-busses last summer. It wasn’t even near to a stadium. But hey...there are fans of the enemy-football-club in that bus. Let’s go and kick their asses. I know that violence because of sports isn't new at all. That’s shame enough. But you can’t even debate about losing control when you are part of a big mass and so on and so forth, in this case. They attacked it on a shitty highway rest area and chased the bus afterwards.

Well, there are things people in my country protest against. There was something about protest in the newspapers lately.

No, wasn’t about not human rights violations. Only starry-eyed idealists do that. Nor it was about banks, either. Okay. There were protests, but they hardly had any effect. You got one guess left. War? Are you kidding me? No one has been caring about war since we call it “military invention”.

It was about the ban on alcohol in the local public transport. Strictly speaking, they only extended the ban from busses and the underground to the urban trains. That’s a reason to be angry, isn’t it? The 2000 “protesters” got royally drunk, an started a riot in the urban railway. And they learned something from the Arabian Spring. Facebook was used for organisation. In the end about fifty trains were harmed. Material damage: about 100000 €. People would be furious, if some antifascist movement did this for some kind of understandable reason. Am I really the only one who is fucking pissed about that kind of things? And why is there less discussion when brainless morons are rioting?

Argh! Every time when I think about trusting in the humankind something like this happens....

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