Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

"The Unraveling" Cover

Lately, AnotherKid told me that there is some mysterious text in the letters in the album cover of “the Unraveling” (by Rise Against). So I asked myself what kind of text it is and what it is about. Finally, I am pretty sure to have figured it out. The text consists of parts of two lyrics from the album. (Alive and Well; 401 Kill) is the text. I found it pretty interesting. It makes somehow sense to me.

As I watch your life go up in flames You'll swear up and down you'd like to change

But when the sun sinks slowly into the sky Now you're right where you started again.

What's another day? I can feel these changes right before my eyes. I see a dying fire 

inside your eyes. Inside your eyes! When will you stop and realize the worth and value of your life?

As you suffocate yourself within this mindless nine to five. Wake up! There's more! [And your life is nobody's but yours]

Now's the time to rearrange your life. Live for something outside of your own mind. We all dream 

the same dream every night to burn the world that you call civilized. Alive and Well! I live to be alive. 

I live to always strive for something more. Alive and Well! I'll never understand the who, what, why or when 

of you tonight. We face the stares of judgment and almost everyday the shaking heads of disapproval say, 

"pray for you to give me something then find out that there was nothing left." recite the words inside (your heart)

My moniker is man
and I am rotten to the core

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