Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

If I could paint how I feel I’d draw a bullseye on your forehead

My distaste has turned into detest. It’s not only rage anymore. It’s a mixture of wrath, contempt and disgust.  
We all are hypocrites but there are plenty of people who don’t even try to hide what kind of assholes they are.
All these people I see every day, these regular dickheads. It seems to be completely normal to just hammer on everyone as soon as you don’t have to fear consequences. As soon as they don't have to look in your face. Not important that they don’t even know you.  It’s about the surface, not about the reality.
The damn shit-talking-world-championship starts in the moment you turn around. And they all win. 
They want victims and no enemies. They were so damn wrong.
I don’t want to cool down and relax anymore. I don’t want to forgive and forget.
I am so fed up.

My moniker is man
and I am rotten to the core

Raised fist and a fuck you song

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