Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

If you are not angry, you are not paying attention!

What’s wrong with the world? I am fucking pissed. Money rules the world. Money fucks the world. Stock exchange decides the “value” of whole countries. And the stock market is all about what important people think something is worth. If important people think a company is shit, than it will be ruined very soon. That has nothing to do with reality anymore. But it has a big impact on all of our lives. The wall street occupation is not for no reason. Why can Moody’s and Fitch decide how valuable our money, my money, your money is? What if one of these guys simply doesn’t like a country? What if they care only about their own profit? How can they blubber about something like getting their yields being a human right, while people live in poverty? Why ain’t more people angry? The whole world is being fucked by greed. Why can the U.S. just ignore the International Court of Justice? European states would get in the hell of a shitstorm, if they try to do this. And this has it’s good reason. What about Monsanto? Why isn’t lobbyism banned? Do you expect fair decisions while companies can donate millions to political parties? How can the cabinets and governments of this world sleep at night? How dare they to sleep?! What about Blackwater/Xi? Isn’t it the prior claim of a country to command an army? Can you just levy an army because you feel like? Because you will profit from murder? Why do we waste food, while children starve? Because we can? Why do we even try to save the system? At the moment I feel like letting it die painfully. Or more like sending it straight to hell. Look around! Life’s gotta be about burning it all down.

My moniker is Man
and I think I’ll run ape shit very soon.

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